Main Advantages of Seamless Gutters

The gutters on any home are absolutely integral to keeping everything safe, dry and in proper working order.If your gutters need to be looked at by a professional. Roofs are graded for a reason, and the amount of angle your roof is manufactured to can make all the difference when it comes to drainage and runoff. Needless to say, any obstruction in your home’s drainage system and you could be looking at a potential source of flooding and mildew – hardly the kind of visitors you want. There was a time when most homes were made simply to drain water off the leading edges, but today a variety of gutter technologies have arisen to handle this precipitation head on.

For several decades in a row, most gutters were manufactured the same way. Steel pieces were soldered together using welding torches and other professional machinery – not a project homeowners could undertake without assistance. All that changed with the advent of aluminum gutters that required little more than snap-on fasteners and elbow grease to go up. The great advantage of solutions such as these is that they could be installed without difficulty, often in the space of an afternoon. The disadvantage, however, when was that such convenience also brought with it a new problem: leaking.

Gutter Seams Leaking

It may seem counterintuitive to worry about gutters leaking – after all, draining water is what they do!The problem, of course, is that gutters are made to drain in specific ways, through their downspouts, and not into the walls and foundation of your home. Little leaks like these can quickly lead to major problems at the structural level, defacing your home’s exterior and adding significantly to the chances for rot. Even minor leaks may eventually erode the fasteners that hold those gutters to the roof, creating a hazard that could fall without warning on family members or visitors. It is for this reason that the home experts unanimously recommend regular gutter maintenance to ensure everything stays intact.

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One of the most innovative solutions to the problem of leaking gutters has arisen only in the last couple of decades – seamless gutters. If you’ve never seen these clever devices before, they work essentially like their traditional counterparts, with one major difference – they are cut and bent from a single piece of tubing. That means with few exceptions, seamless gutters have no joints, fasteners or other fissures that could let in pathogens and ultimately give way to the ravages of time. Although seams do exist in corners and the connections to downspouts, these can generally be secured far better during installation than anything you could do on your own.

Seamless Gutter Attached

 Probably the greatest advantage to seamless gutters is that they minimize the amount of maintenance you need to perform every season. Depending on the configuration you’ve chosen – adding filters above is often recommended – you may be able to get away with many months of consistent use without any major cleaning. Many of these gutters are also hung from your roofing far more securely than the traditional aluminum sort, lending an additional level of security to the home.Finally they are far less likely to allow chipmunks, birds and other pests into the system. Many homeowners are surprised to discover just how clean the lining remains even after years of use.

Of course there are some reasons to think carefully about this choice before you install. Seamless gutters are generally regarded as too complex to install on your own, meaning you’ll need to have professionals out of the house for hours at a stretch. They also cost more for similar reasons – seamless gutters must be cut and assembled on site to ensure a flawless fit. What they take away in price and convenience, however, seamless gutters tend to give back with many years of outstanding function.

Do a little research and look into some of the major home wares stores to ensure you’re getting the proper size, great and color for your home’s exterior. You may also want to speak with an expert about ways to reduce your cost – sometimes using vinyl instead of aluminum, for instance, can be a boon to your bottom line. Choose well and you should expect nothing less than outstanding function and a handsome appearance many years into the future.


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Gutter Seams Leaking Many years ago rain gutters were installed with short sections seamed   together to complete a long straight run. This was necessary because transporting very long sections was costly or impossible. These gutters were most likely installed using a spike and ferrule attachment device. The drawbacks to this type of installation are leaking seams, and gutter spikes pulling loose from the fascia. It is common with this type of gutter to see the heads of the spikes protruding from the front of the gutter. The result of this is the possibility of serious water damage to fascia, soffit, siding, and surrounding areas at the foundation of the house. The good news is that great progress has been made over the years, and these problems can be eliminated.

Modern day gutters are seamless. A seamless gutter extruding machine will allow the gutter installation professional to run long lengths of gutter seamlessly right at the home site.  To see this in action watch my posted video just click the link to the left “Gutter machines in action”. Coils of aluminum are fed into the machine and custom lengths of gutter are made right on the spot. Seamless gutters need to be connected to the mitered gutter corners only. This virtually eliminates leaking, and becomes a two man installation process which keeps labor costs low. Typically this seamless gutter is available in a wide variety of colors, and in two sizes, five or six inch. Five inch gutter is the standard in most areas of the country based on the amount of annual rainfall expected.

Seamless Gutter Attached

Attaching the seamless gutters is now accomplished with the use of aluminum inside hidden hangers that are not visible on the outside of the gutter. Stainless steel screws are used rather than the old style spikes making the installation tighter and much longer lasting. This process greatly enhances the appearance of the home at the roof line making for a much nicer curb appeal.

Properly installed seamless gutters last a lifetime as aluminum simply does not deteriorate or rust away. With proper maintenance (cleaning out debris regularly) or a protective guard installed to keep debris out, these gutters will last a lifetime and prevent other more costly damages to the home. Using a qualified licensed and insured gutter professional to do the installation is a wise choice since the work will be guaranteed in writing, and any follow up work to the system will be part of the initial price. Get several estimates and choose a reputable installer, preferable someone local who is easily accessible in the unlikely event of an installation problem. A good installation company should offer a lifetime transferrable warranty on workmanship and material. But be wary of those who use sub contractors to do the installation. Any warranty issues there may be reason for debate as to who is responsible to you for any necessary repair work. Properly installed and maintained seamless rain gutters will be one thing in your home that you can forget about.

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